Helen Hosmer's Contributions to Crane

In 1931, the total enrollment to Crane rose above 100 students. Fearing that Crane would lose the intimate feel the department provided, Hosmer scheduled weekly "Crane Meetings" to provide an opportunity for this relationship. Eventually it became a tradition to end the meetings by singing a song. From this tradition the idea of a departmental chorus developed and thus the Crane Chorus was born.

For the first few years after the formation of the choir, it was required that everyone participate unless already enrolled in the orchestra. This provided a sense of unity among the members of Crane. The requirement to participate was abandoned in 1973 when enrollment grew so large that it was no longer feasible to require students to participate. The Crane Chorus still exists today. 

During her time at Crane, Helen Hosmer invited several guest conductors and performers to Crane including:

  • Nadia Boulanger, guest conductor 4 times
  • Robert Shaw, guest conductor 16 times
  • The Trapp Family. 

Hosmer was also instrumental in the development and construction of a building that would be completely dedicated to the Music Department. Hosmer ensured that 125 Steinway, Upright, and Grand pianos were purchased for this new building that opened in September 1956.

Helen Hosmer contributed so much more to Crane. For more extensive information about her contributions, view Jane Subramanian's Presentation here

Helen Hosmer's Contributions to Crane