Quotes by Liberal Arts Deans

Dr. Richard Hutcheson, Dean of Liberal Studies, 1972 - 1983

"We want to prepare liberally educated men and women for the leadership positions which will open up in the 21st century...That society will not need more narrowly trained specialists...That is the anthill view of the future of man.  In that sort of society people are no more than drones," qtd. in The Racquette, December 6, 1972, during the reorganization of State University College at Potsdam into three schools.

"My predecessors did an excellent job of recruiting the quality of facility and resources we need to move toward our goal...Now we have to deal with the academically philosophical considerations...The school of liberal studies will emphasize academic excellence through an educationally daring but intellectually demanding curriculum...We have to move into the position of meeting the needs of a very diverse, transient, mobile student body with its different goals...This will require a variety of means of meeting these goals," qtd. in The Racquette, December 6, 1972.

"The work students are getting here at Potsdam now is preparing them for graduate school better than ever before.  Any student who comes here wanting to go to graduate school should have no trouble at all," qtd. in The Racquette, March 17, 1977.

Dr. Richard DelGuidice, Dean of Liberal Studies, 1983 - 1992

"He was a splendid teacher...In found in him the consummate professional," qtd. in the Racquette, November 6, 1986, from a keynote address at the memorial of Dr. James Levitt.

“There are no programs in our school of liberal studies that are luxuries,” qtd in The Racquette, January 26, 1989, in a conversation about Potsdam and SUNY system budget cuts.

"There is a reason for this type of 'revolving door' administration...In higher education administration, people constantly find jobs they prefer, jobs that offer better opportunities. This type of constant administrative change happens everywhere. This type of change is bad because the students wonder what the hell is going on in administration...SUNY at Potsdam Administration, in its unstable condition, is running as efficiently as it would in a permanent condition...The day to day condition of the college as an institution of higher learning is not determined by the administration. It is determined by the faculty," qtd. in The Racquette, March 2, 1989

Dr. Galen Pletcher, Dean of Arts and Sciences, 1994 - 2010

"If [teachers] do [their] job well, students leave," qtd. in the Racquette, May 14, 1998, from the School of Arts and Sciences Honors Convocation Awards Ceremony hosted by Pletcher.

"People who are successful are devoted to their work," qtd. in the Racquette, November 21, 1998, from a 'Career Survival' event hosted by Pletcher.

"You owe it to yourself to find something to set you free, not just something you have to do," November 21, 1998, in a conversation about 'service activities' at a 'Career Survival' event hosted by Pletcher.

"I don't believe that there is a single answer to the question of life's meaning. People who say what I just said -- that there is no one single answer -- often follow this by saying that we make our own meaning. I don't believe that's quite true, either. It's not entirely up to us...But there is truth to the claim that how we live our lives can affect our sense of life's meaning," qtd. in North Country Now News, May 20, 2012, from SUNY Potsdam's 2012 Master's Commencement, where Pletcher gave the commencement speech as Dean Emeritus of Arts and Sciences.


Quotes by Liberal Arts Deans