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More Proposals For Vietnam 3.png
These are the pros and cons of fighting in Vietnam explained by the students through a debate.

Students Debate Vietnam Question 11.png
An article that contains both sides of the debate between Potsdam students about the continuation of the Vietnam War.

Draft Boards Serve As Pressure Groups 8.png
An article that argues that Draft Boards serve as pressure groups to join the Armed Forces, and details information about draft eligibility.

Draft Status Classifications 3.png
An article that describes the many classifications within selective service.

Vietnam Survey 1.png
An article that discusses a SUNY survey that was conducted to gather student opinion about whether or not the United States should remain in Vietnam.

Marine Recruiter Here March 10th 1.png
An article that provides a description of a Marine Recruiter visit to Potsdam on March 10, 1965.
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