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Scraps for Defense Third.png
An article relating to plans, coordinated by the Defense Council of Potsdam Normal, to collect waste paper from individuals and group houses to sell in order to raise money for defense work during World War II.

U.S. Stamps Soon on Sale For Students One.png
An article that describes to students the benefits of buying U.S. Defense Stamps, newly offered at that time, by the Potsdam Normal School.

Sugar Is Rationed to Students.png
An article that warns of the distribution of food stamp books, the necessary registration for these books, and also describes how these books were to be used to keep track of the rationing of sugar.

We Need Every College Man In Officers' Training Story Second Half.png
An article encouraging Seniors in college, or any college student who was prepared to leave school to join the War, to enter what was then a new program for training men to enter the Army Air Force.

No Death-March, But-.png
An article that details how Potsdam students could support soldiers such as donating blood and supporting the War Council in selling defense stamps.

There's Still a Tomorrow Article.png
An article published in the Potsdam school newspaper, the Racquette, in 1944 that draws attention to an editorial from the Racquette written in 1928 that encourages readers to have hopes for a better world tomorrow.

Thayner, Crane, Heads New Band Training Unit Part 1.png
An article dictating that Captain Lynn W. Thayer, a graduate of the Crane Department of Music in 1925, was appointed director of the Army Band Training Unit in Camp Lee Virginia.

Drill Success Complimented By Dr. T. Miller Part 6.png
An article that illustrates the success of Potsdam’s first air raid drill as well as notations to the general instructions for the drills made by Dr. T. R. Miller, the man in charge of the air raid drills at the college.

Students Vote U.S. To Bomb Japan Cities Part 4.png
This survey was conducted to gather student opinion on whether or not to bomb the cities of Japan during World War II.

Local Women Donate Time For Defense 3.png
An article relating to defense classes that were offered at the Potsdam State Teachers College for civilians, specifically female civilians, that wanted to help the war effort during WWII.
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