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War Causes Decrease In Enrollments 7.png
An article that describes the decrease in college enrollment countrywide as more and more men enlisted with the Armed Forces during WWII.

War Bond Ad From the Racquette.png
An advertisement that encourages the purchase war bonds and stamps to support the war effort.

Hospital Fund Surplus Buys $1,000 War Bond.png
A short article that assures readers of the safe investment made by the Student Faculty Association in their purchase of a $1,000 war bond.

Opportunity to Attend Services on D-Day.png
A short article that details the suspension of class activities for one hour by the Potsdam State Teachers College in order for students to have the opportunity to attend church services in observance of the Allied invasion of Europe.

P.S.T.C. Men and Women in Military Service 1.png
A list of men and women who enlisted in the U.S. military after spending time as students at the Potsdam State Teachers College.

Pvt. Dorothy Brown Assigned New Duty.png
An article that describes the experiences of Pvt. Dorothy Brown, a member of the English Department that left the college to become part of the Army Transport Command.

Find Students' War Stamp Purchases Rate Low in College War Program.png
An article that details the decrease in the purchase of defense stamps due to student belief that the war was coming to an end.

Red Cross Certificates To Be Offered 1.png
An article that states that the Potsdam State Teacher's College was the only state school providing courses that led to first aid certification, and that, in light of this, The National Red Cross has decided to send Mr. Burton Bugbee, a…

Certification as First Aid Instructors Available Through Mr. Bugbee's Course 1.png
An article that provides details about an advanced first aid course offered by Red Cross Representative Mr. Burton Bugbee at the Potsdam State Teachers College.

'42 Graduates Making Maps In Washington 1.png
An article that details the successes of two Potsdam graduates from class of 1942 that were hired by Washington to make maps that would assist the war effort.
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