Sports Offered by Potsdam

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Sports Offered by Potsdam




A compilation of photographs and yearbook pages from the Pioneer yearbook relating to the sports offered by SUNY Potsdam.


Katrina Rink


NNY Heritage Digital Collections, the Pioneer Yearbooks




Women's Rugby 1984.jpg
Women's Ice Hockey 1977.jpg
The Skating Club 1925.jpg
skating hockey statment 1926.jpg
skating club 1926.jpg
Ice Hockey 1930.jpg
hockey statement 1927.jpg
Hockey 1927.jpg
Figure Skating Club 1979.jpg
Ski Club 1987.jpg
Men's Rugby 1981.jpg
trampoline 1956.jpg
intramural 1954 page 2.jpg
intramural 1954.jpg
intramural 1937 page 5.jpg
intramural 1937 page 4.jpg
intramural 1937 page 3.jpg
intramural 1937 page 2.jpg
ski services 1972.jpg
Ski Shop 1978.jpg
JV Soccer 1974.jpg
soccer 1959.jpg
soccer B team 1968.jpg
Women's Soccer 1989.jpg
Men's Tennis 1957.jpg
Tennis club 1927.jpg
tennis club statement 1927.jpg
Women's Tennis Team1969.jpg
cross country 1965.jpg
Women's Volleyball team 1976.jpg
aquatic club 1960.jpg
mens swimming 1968.jpg
womens swim team 1968.jpg
boys basketball 1927.jpg
Basketball Cheerleading 1978.jpg
Wrestling 1964.jpg
PIngpong champs (2).jpg
girls bowling team 1932.jpg
basketball 1949.jpg
1926 statement.jpg
boys basketball statment 1927.jpg
girls basketball statment 1927.jpg
girls basketball 1927.jpg
basketball squad 1948.jpg
The Basket Ball Squad 1925.jpg
squad statement 1925.jpg
freshmen baseball team 1931.jpg
batgirls 1975.jpg
archery 1930.jpg
JV Cheerleading 1968.jpg
Racuetteball 1990.jpg
Equestrian team 1981.jpg
riding club 1949.jpg
Lacrosse 1978.jpg
Womens Field Hockey 1968.jpg
Women's Lacrosse 1995.jpg
golf 1968.jpg
hikers club 1925.jpg
statement 1925.jpg
intramural 1936.jpg
intramural 1936 page 2.jpg
intramural 1936 page 3.jpg
intramural 1936 page 4.jpg
intramural 1937.jpg


Katrina Rink, “Sports Offered by Potsdam,” SUNY Potsdam College Archives & Special Collections Digital Collections, accessed July 15, 2024,