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Potsdam Presidents


A collection of the available portraits of the past Presidents of SUNY Potsdam from the 1800s when the college was St. Lawrence Academy to the current State University of New York College at Potsdam. Compiled and presented by Katrina Rink and Emma Trevena.


Emma Trevena



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(ITEMS 1-16 are Photographs)

Item 1: 1812-1816 - Rev. James Johnson, Graduated from Harvard
Item 2: 1828-1847 - Rev. Asa Brainerd, Graduated from University of Vermont
Item 3: 1869-1880 - Dr. Malcom MacVicar (Born:1829-Died:5/18/1904), Graduated From University of Rochester, Acting President- Erasman B. Blakeslee
Item 4: 1889-1909 - Dr. Thomas B. Stowell (Born:3/29/1846-Died:7/29/1922), Graduated from Genesee College
Item 5: 1909-1919 - Dr. Jerimiah M. Thompson
Item 6: 1919-1934 - Dr. Randolf T. Cogdon (Born 8/30/1877), Acting President- Otto H. Voelker
Item 7: 1939-1945 - Dr. Clarence O. Lehman (Born:11/21/1892), Acting President- Otto H. Voelker
Item 8: 1946-1967 - Dr. Fredrick W. Crumb (Born:4/20/1909-Died:1/8/1967), Graduated from SUNY Albany and Columbia, Acting President- Alfred W. Thatcher
Item 9: 1968-1969 - Dr. Austin Peck (Born:4/6/1921-Died:2/10/1970), Graduated from Tufts College and Fletcher University, Acting President- Dr. Thomas Barrington
Item 10: 1970-1978 - Dr. Thomas Barrington (Born:7/8/1916), Graduated from SUNY Albany and Columbia
Item 11: 1978-1983 - Dr. James H. Young (Born:5/9/1936), Graduated from University of Buffalo
Item 12: 1983-1989 - Dr. Humphrey Tonkin (Born:12/2/1939), Graduated Cambridge and Harvard
Item 13: 1989-1996 - Dr. William Merwin, Graduated from University of Georgia, Acting Presidents- Dr. Jean Scott and John Marshall
Item 14: 1998-2005 - Dr. John Fallon, Graduated from Western Michigan University, Northern Michigan University, Michigan State University
Item 15: 2006-2013 - John F. Schwaller
Item 16: 2013-Present - Kristin G. Esterberg


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