Oral History - Tackie (TK) Huff

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Oral History - Tackie (TK) Huff


Clip from Oral History interview with Tackie Huff, (SUNY Potsdam student), interviewed by Jeanette Sanchez on April 23, 2013.


Huff, Tackie, Interviewee.
Sanchez, Jeanette, Interviewer.


SUNY Potsdam. College Archives & Special Collections.


April 23, 2013


This oral history was conducted as a part of Jeanette Sanchez's Spring 2013 semester Anthropology internship.





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Sanchez, Jeanette


Huff, Tackie (TK)


First interview conducted on April 23, 2013: Barrington Student Union, Second Floor Lounge, SUNY Potsdam, Potsdam, New York.

Second interview conducted on May 13, 2013: Mary English Commons, Satterlee Hall, SUNY Potsdam, Potsdam, New York.


[Transcript of audio clip]

TF: One of the missions of the Black Student Alliance that it was trying to portray, and I actually appreciate it, was that they did want to spread the knowledge of Black history in general, but that wasn’t the only topic, we weren’t always stuck on minorities and Black contemporary issues, we talked about gender roles and family societies, and just different political views and all that. It wasn’t always just minority outlooks; it was always different point of views from different people. I know it’s open to everyone, and just passing on knowledge was one of the things I was looking forward to from the Black Student Alliance.


39 Seconds

Time Summary

Time log for interview conducted on April 23, 2013

0:00-1:08 Introductions; Job as Activities Coordinator for Campus;
1:08-2:59 SUNY Potsdam; Transition to Potsdam; First Impressions of the School;
2:59-6:28 Involvement with the Black Student Alliance (BSA); Goals of BSA; Membership at BSA;
6:28-10:56 Campus Race Relations; Discrimination in Potsdam Town/Village and Campus; Stereotypes of Minority People
10:56-12:41 Black/African American History Courses;
12:41-18:35 Closing Remarks; Signing of Contracts; Center for Diversity;

Time log for interview conducted on May 12, 2013

0:00-0:39 Introductions
0:39- 1:55 Black Student Alliance; BSA Collaborating with Other Student Groups/ Teachers
1:55-5:38 Personal Experiences with Racism at Potsdam; Stereotyping; Math Department; Communications Department;
5:38-7:27 Effects of Increase of Minority Students/Professors at Potsdam;
7:27-10:51 Center for Diversity; Black Student Alliance; Offensive Advertising on Campus
10:51-12:31 Views on Stereotyping and Racism in General;
12:31-16:41 Reasons for choosing Potsdam; Why More Minority Students Are Choosing Potsdam; Multi-Cultural Weekend
16:41-18:40 Signing of the Contracts



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