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War Stamps Contributed In Crane Fund Drive.png
An article that details a yearly campaign to raise money for the Julia E. Crane loan fund through the Crane Department of Music. The article goes on to relay that year’s campaign to receive war stamps to fill books that would in turn be turned into…

War Causes Decrease In Enrollments 7.png
An article that describes the decrease in college enrollment countrywide as more and more men enlisted with the Armed Forces during WWII.

Vietnam Survey 1.png
An article that discusses a SUNY survey that was conducted to gather student opinion about whether or not the United States should remain in Vietnam.

U.S. Stamps Soon on Sale For Students One.png
An article that describes to students the benefits of buying U.S. Defense Stamps, newly offered at that time, by the Potsdam Normal School.

There's Still a Tomorrow Article.png
An article published in the Potsdam school newspaper, the Racquette, in 1944 that draws attention to an editorial from the Racquette written in 1928 that encourages readers to have hopes for a better world tomorrow.

Thayner, Crane, Heads New Band Training Unit Part 1.png
An article dictating that Captain Lynn W. Thayer, a graduate of the Crane Department of Music in 1925, was appointed director of the Army Band Training Unit in Camp Lee Virginia.

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