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I meet Mr. House during Alumni Weekend here at Potsdam. After showing him the exhibit I had done featuring our Potsdam Greek Life, he shared with me his story of the events that led to the opening of the Potsdam Chapter of Prometheus. Here is the…

Dr. Frederick W. Crumb
Photographs of Dr. Frederick W. Crumb during his service as the eighth president of the Potsdam Normal School. Dr. Crumb oversaw the transition of the Potsdam Normal School to the State University of New York at Potsdam, and was the longest serving…

Racquette Feb 1 1946 pg. 1.png
These two articles detail specific efforts made by Dr. Frederick Crumb while President of the Potsdam State Teachers College.

The article from February 1, 1946 addresses Dr. Crumb's involvement with the development of the army's educational…

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