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womens week overview.png
This article provides an in-depth look at the presentations, workshops, tabling, and overall student feedback from Women's Week.

This article outlines the increasing growth of the Women's Studies academic discipline. I learned that the Women's Studies department was founded in 1992, under the direction of Anne Sisson Raymond. It branched out of the Politics Department, which I…

women at work conf.png
This article tells of the Decade for Women in honor of International Women's Day.

marriage and women.png
This article takes a look at the last twenty years and how women's roles have been altering to fit a more individualized population.

19861103 Where Has it Gone.png

This is a one-page women's liberation comic from the early 70's. The top of the comic says "Hatching" in thick black letters, and underneath it: "An illustrated women's liberation diary," followed by four girls quite literally 'hatching' from an egg,…

We Need Every College Man In Officers' Training Story Second Half.png
An article encouraging Seniors in college, or any college student who was prepared to leave school to join the War, to enter what was then a new program for training men to enter the Army Air Force.
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