SUNY Potsdam Bicentennial Timeline

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SUNY Potsdam Bicentennial Timeline


Historical photos and documents relating to the development of the SUNY Potsdam Campus, Faculty, Students, and village of Potsdam. An interactive timeline of the college's development is available here.


Jane M. Subramanian
Virginia Rose Cayey
SUNY Potsdam College Archives


The Campus History Series: State University of New York at Potsdam


1816 - 1967



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St. Lawrence Academy circa 1816
This is the only known rendition of the first building of the St. Lawrence Academy, since it was replaced by the North Academy building in 1826 before photography was available. The new building was needed because of increased enrollment. As…

Presbyterian Church, St. Lawrence Academy, and the Village of Potsdam public square
This drawing shows the Presbyterian Church flanked by the North and South Academies. In addition to classrooms, the North Academy had a chapel, library and dormitory space. The new buildings were placed on the public square between Elm Street and…

South Academy Building
This is the first known photograph of the South Academy building of the St. Lawrence Academy, circa 1850. The South Academy building opened in 1837. The first floor was used primarily for the teacher department classrooms while the upper three…

Literary Society Room
This is a photograph of a room, thought to be on the third floor of the first Normal Building at Potsdam, that was used primarily by an academic literary society. Literary societies were an important part of academic life. They held private…

Potsdam Basketball - 1921
These are photographs of the 1921 Potsdam Normal School basketball team. These photographs were featured in the school's 1921 yearbook, the Pioneer.

Portraits of Dr. Frederick W. Crumb, Eighth President of the Potsdam Normal School.
Photographs of Dr. Frederick W. Crumb during his service as the eighth president of the Potsdam Normal School. Dr. Crumb oversaw the transition of the Potsdam Normal School to the State University of New York at Potsdam, and was the longest serving…

Ogdensburg Journal Article Announcing Dr. Frederick W. Crumb's Arrival as the Eighth President of Potsdam College.
This article from the Ogdensburg Journal, published on January 19, 1946, details the arrival of Dr. Frederick W. Crumb as the eighth President of Potsdam College.

Letters from Dr. Frederick W. Crumb to graduating students.
Letters published in the Pioneer that Dr. Frederick W. Crumb wrote to graduating classes from 1953 to 1962.

Racquette Articles related to Dr. Crumb's Efforts to Improve Education for Veterans
These two articles detail specific efforts made by Dr. Frederick Crumb while President of the Potsdam State Teachers College.

The article from February 1, 1946 addresses Dr. Crumb's involvement with the development of the army's educational…

Remembering Dr. Frederick W. Crumb
This collection of documents consists of some of what was written in remembrance of Dr. Frederick W. Crumb after he passed away on Sunday January 8, 1967.
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