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Year Completed 1964
named for Dr. Thomas Blanchard Stowell 1846-1927
who was the Principal of Potsdam Normal School 1889-1909 - Confident - unassuming leader - Educational innovator - Scientist - Scholar

Merritt Hall.jpg
Year Completed 1951

is named after General Edwin Atkins Merritt 1828-1916
who was the President of Potsdam Normal Board - Educator - Soldier - Statesman Consul General in London
This building contains offices of health related services,…

Year Completed 1954
this hall was named after Dr. O. Ward Satterlee (1907-1970 ) who was the Director of Education 1947-1969 - First Dean of Education at State University College at Potsdam

this building was originally the administration…

Year Completed 1951 it is named after:
The Reverend Dr. Malcolm MacVicar 1829-1904

Who was the first principal of Potsdam Normal School 1869-1880 - Scholar - Educator - Leader - Missionary

originally a residence hall
18,692 square feet,…

Morey Hall.jpg
Year Completed: 1951
named after Amelia Morey 1842-1911 who was the
Principal of intermediate grades and preceptress at Potsdam Normal School - Outstanding teacher and administrator

In 1869 Amelia Morey joined the Potsdam Normal School faculty…

carson hall.jpg
Year Completed 1951, converted in 1970

named after Dr. William R. Carson 1902-1975 who was a
Surgeon - Psychiatrist - Radiologist - Author and lecturer - Counselor -Community leader - Member of College Council 1948-1975

originally a college…

Perhaps no extended family became so thoroughly integrated into the life of Potsdam as the Sissons. George Wing Sisson and his wife Sarah Hamilton Sisson moved from Glens Falls to Potsdam in 1867. After being involved in the lumber business, he and…
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