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It was reported on March 15th, 1993 that the floors in Bowman West were flooded and the bathroom had been vandalized-it is assumed someone from Cortland was the cause- bathroom said "Cortland Rugby kicks Potsdam Ass"

Racquette Feb 1 1946 pg. 1.png
These two articles detail specific efforts made by Dr. Frederick Crumb while President of the Potsdam State Teachers College.

The article from February 1, 1946 addresses Dr. Crumb's involvement with the development of the army's educational…

Formation of the Afro-American Society and Legacy
Documents relating to the Afro-American Society at SUNY Potsdam, organized in 1969 for the purpose of promoting Black History and Culture on the SUNY Potsdam Campus.

National Hispanice History Month Poster - 1998
Documents specifically relating to the growth of student organizations at SUNY Potsdam that were formed in hopes of bringing more awareness to racial, ethnic, and gay issues on campus, as organized in an exhibit and curated from the SUNY Potsdam…
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