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Arethusa 1932.jpg
The Lambda Chapter of Arethusa came to Potsdam on March 8th, 1930, it developed out of the Lambda Society, Lambda Delta Chi, which formed in 1926 under the name Leu De Cra

Blackfriars Honorary Dramatic Society 1964.jpg
The Blackfriars have a history dating back to 1917 and ending in 1967

Phi Sigma Mu 1940.jpg
Phi Sigma Mu started out as the Euterpean Society, it was a music frat.

Sigma 1940.jpg
Sigma Sigma Sigma, or Tri-Sigma, was a fraternity.

Pi Delta Epsilon 1969.jpg
Pi Delta Epsilon was a national honorary Journalistic fraternity 1952-1972

Phi Sigma Sigma 1979.jpg
Phi Sigma Lambda (Phi Sigma Sigma) 1979-1981

Lambda Phi Delta 1988.jpg
Lambda Phi Delta was founded February 1985

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