Oral History - Thomas Augliano

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Oral History - Thomas Augliano


Clip from oral history interview with Thomas Augliano (SUNY Potsdam, Class of 1973), interviewed by Matthew Delaney on November 20, 2012.


Augliano, Thomas. Interviewee.
Delaney, Matthew. Interviewer.


SUNY Potsdam. College Archives & Special Collections.


November 20, 2012


The oral history was conducted as part of SUNY Potsdam's Fall 2012 "Oral History" course (ANTH 364/HIST 450).





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Delaney, Matthew


Augliano, Thomas


River Church Library, Clayton, New York.


[Transcript of clip]

TM: The span that was the most intriguing to me was my freshman year. And that’s because of all the incidents that were taking place around college campuses dealing with the Vietnam War and the Anti War movement. And protests, as a little ol’ Clayton boy, coming out of a pretty small, rural, area, you know I was a..a big fish here, you know, in a small pond, as they used to say, but when I went to Potsdam State it was an awakening; my eyes got opened because I saw the evolution back then of a movement on a college campus of .. anti war and protesting and it’s like watching a young child develop, you know what I mean?… and it happened fast. Once there was also another incident called the Chicago Seven and a couple guys, Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin were going around college campuses speaking about not trusting the government and challenging the status quo, at the time, and that it was time for a youth rebellion, time for the youth to stand up, so it was a very unique time in my life because of my eyes being opened to a larger scale and Potsdam certainly isn’t a huge campus, but yet in the Potsdam area you had St Lawrence University, Potsdam State University, Clarkson University, and then you had Canton ATC, so you’ve got four colleges within ten miles and that was a hot bed of back then a very liberal revolution… you know the push for change, and protest.


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Time Summary

000:00-02:20 Post-retirement life
002:21-05:05 remembering meeting his wife
005:06-11:00 Campus changes and ongoing construction
011:01-13:22 Living arrangements, home-cooked meals on Grant Street
013:23-15:15 Psi Phi Delta, move to Bay Street
015:16-17:44 Involvement in athletics, Men’s Baseball program
017:45-19:08 Involvement in Karate program
019:09-27:30 Freshman year: most intriguing time in college, Anti-Vietnam War movement
027:30-30:15 Campus activism, anti-war protests, effect on academic interests
030:16-32:37 Effects of anti-war movement and protests had on campus
032:38-38:20 Actions of SUNY Potsdam administration in May 1970, President Barrington’s speech, cancellation of classes in wake of Kent State shootings
038:21-42:10 Growth of personal political concerns during college, media coverage of Vietnam War, beginnings of an information revolution
042:11-49:20 Zoonie Boonie Riot
049:21-53:00 Campus social events, everyday routine life
053:01-55:34 Benefits of extra-curricular activities
055:35-58:45 How course work and design prepared him for real-world experience and teaching job
058:46-101:15 Job market outlook for Education majors, comparison of today’s outlook versus that of 1973
101:16-103:20 Tom’s graduation, pride felt in being a first-generation college graduate
103:21-105:00 Post-graduation affiliation with SUNY Potsdam, his wife’s final years at SUNY Potsdam, return visits to Potsdam
105:01-110:25 Years at SUNY Potsdam most formative of his life



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