Oral History - Sara Farnsworth

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Oral History - Sara Farnsworth


Clip from oral history interview with Sara Farnsworth (SUNY Potsdam, Class of 2005), interviewed by Megan Wainwright on November 8, 2012.


Farnsworth, Sara. Interviewee.
Wainwright, Megan. Interviewer.


SUNY Potsdam. College Archives & Special Collections.


November 8, 2012


The oral history was conducted as a part of SUNY Potsdam's Fall 2012 "Oral History" course (ANTH 364/HIST 450).





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Wainwright, Megan


Farnsworth, Sara


Sara Farnsworth's home (Potsdam, New York)


[Transcript of clip]

SF: I think that SUNY Potsdam definitely prepared me in the Community Health field, the Community Health staff are fantastic, everyone over there really took me under their wing. They do not let you slide through the cracks, you have to really want it (laughs). The workload is extremely intense, it’s very involved, you have to do two internship placements and each internship placement is 37 hours a week for seven weeks. That does not go on the college calendar, that is based off of how the agency runs, so when all your classmates might be home for Christmas break or Easter break, you’re still there. You are still doing your stuff in order to be able to graduate. And before you can even get your internship placement you have to take a very difficult program, it’s called Program Evaluation and Program Planning, which are two very involved classes, that you have to create your own community education for health related problems, you have to create your own educational program


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Time Summary

0:00-0:17 Opening Remarks
0:18-0:30 Introductory information
0:31-1:18 Sara’s hometown and her early education
1:19-1:44 How that affected her college and professional careers.
1:45-3:13 How Sara ended up at SUNY Potsdam
3:14-4:08 Sara’s major and the Community Health department
4:09-5:56 How Sara decided advocacy and feminism were her passions
5:57-6:54 Sara’s opinion on the SUNY Potsdam sexual assault policies and education
6:55-7:56 Classes and professors Sara has worked with while at Renewal House
7:57-8:30 Renewal House as a nonprofit organization, and community cooperation.
8:31-9:24 Sara’s favorite classes at SUNY Potsdam and how they affected her perception of social issues
9:25-11:16 Clubs and extracurricular activities
11:17-11:40 Sara’s opinion if the campus’s diversity and how it affected her.
11:41-12:29 Wellness Advocates and Sara’s work with that group
12:30-13:55 Sara’s thoughts on possibly continuing her education and SUNY Potsdam’s lasting effect on her.
13:56-17:09 Sara’s opinions on campus safety, university police and unreported sexual assaults.
17:10-20:50 Current position at Renewal House and how college prepared Sara for her job.
20:51-23:19 Sara’s past positions, working with interns and “coming full circle” at Renewal House
23:20-25:52 SUNY Potsdam professors, staff and students and their support of Renewal House
25:53-26:50 Student attitude towards domestic violence and sexual assault education
26:51-29:27 Advocates from St. Lawrence, SUNY Canton, Clarkson University and SUNY Potsdam
29:28-30:35 Advocacy at SUNY Potsdam residence hall floor meetings
30:36-34:36 How Renewal House events are organized and the beginning of “Bikers Battle Violence”
34:37-40:27 Advocate training requirements, hiring process and responsibilities
40:28-43:17 Renewal House’’ adaptation to CAVA’s closing and taking on all of the sexual assault cases.
40:18- 47:37 Male advocates and overcoming stereotypes
47:38-50:12 SUNY Potsdam as a campus overcoming the stereotypes of gender and how it compared to Sara’s hometown
50:13-54:32 Sara’s opinion of what makes SUNY Potsdam such a diverse and welcoming community
54:33-56:47 Sara’s final message “Get Involved”
56:48-57:28 Closing Remarks



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