Oral History - John Omohundro

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Oral History - John Omohundro


Clip from oral history interview with John Omohundro, (retired SUNY Potsdam faculty), interviewed by Lorissa Fittry in November, 2012


Omohundro, John. Interviewee.
Fittry, Lorissa. Interviewer.


SUNY Potsdam. College Archives & Special Collections.


November 6, 2012


The oral history was conducted as part of SUNY Potsdam's Fall 2012 "Oral History" course (ANTH 364/HIST 450).





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Fittry, Lorissa


Omohundro, John


Mac Vicar Hall, SUNY Potsdam Campus, Potsdam, New York.


[Transcript of clip]

JH: Field work was always important in our program, that’s the reason we like setting it locally, we can get students into the field in classes, in field trips, but also when we wrote the major, we wrote the major to include a field component, or an internship component where the student has to spend a semester or a summer working in the environmental field, usually in the field literally, in the woods, or the desert, or the tundra, or whatever it is, so that’s very important to us, the field component is absolutely essential. We haven’t required it for the minor, but we do require it for the major. We start students out from the freshman program, getting them out in the field every week, on field trips, so they can get used to the notion that this has got class, but also it’s in the field so you get some practical experience.


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Time Summary

00:00-00:34 Permissions and paperwork
00:35-01:54 Dr. Omohundro’s teaching career at SUNY Potsdam
01:55-04:10 Interest in and career shift to Environmental Studies
04:11-04:52 Minor/Major in Environmental Studies began at SUNY Potsdam
04:53-07:39 Student involvement in Environmental Studies program
07:40-08:20 Environmental Studies in the Adirondacks
08:21-10:03 Classes offered and how things changed
10:04-11:09 Field Work
11:10-13:39 Middle Grounds/Environmental Clubs
13:40-15:36 Environmental Studies projects and local influences
15:37-18:24 What makes SUNY Potsdam’s Environmental Studies program unique
18:25-20:08 Environmental Studies at SUNY Potsdam is interdisciplinary
20:09-20:40 Future of the Environmental Studies program
20:41-23:01 Unique path to becoming a major/department
23:02-25:46 Signing of consent/ deed forms
25:47-27:22 Closing comments



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