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First Building St. Lawrence Academy 1816
This is the only known rendition of the first building of the St. Lawrence Academy, since it was replaced by the North Academy building in 1826 before photography was available. The new building was needed because of increased enrollment. As…

Presbyterian Church, St. Lawrence Academy, and the Village of Potsdam public square.
This drawing shows the Presbyterian Church flanked by the North and South Academies. In addition to classrooms, the North Academy had a chapel, library and dormitory space. The new buildings were placed on the public square between Elm Street and…

South Academy Building
This is the first known photograph of the South Academy building of the St. Lawrence Academy, circa 1850. The South Academy building opened in 1837. The first floor was used primarily for the teacher department classrooms while the upper three…

This is a pre-Halloween mixer sponsored by S.A.G.E that offered free food, drinks, music, and activities for members of the club as well as newcomers.

This two-page whopper of a story covers four decades of women's collegiate experiences, and compares the differences between then and now.

This reports on how more women are choosing to pursue degrees, as well as master's degrees, saying that the number has "tremendously increased in recent years". According to the article, there is still a need for more women with advanced training, as…

This is a one-page women's liberation comic from the early 70's. The top of the comic says "Hatching" in thick black letters, and underneath it: "An illustrated women's liberation diary," followed by four girls quite literally 'hatching' from an egg,…

This article outlines the increasing growth of the Women's Studies academic discipline. I learned that the Women's Studies department was founded in 1992, under the direction of Anne Sisson Raymond. It branched out of the Politics Department, which I…


The organization is just barely starting out, and President Merwin attended one of the first meetings. This article summarizes what SAGE is looking to accomplish in the upcoming semesters.
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