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Clip from oral history interview with Thomas Augliano (SUNY Potsdam, Class of 1973), interviewed by Matthew Delaney on November 20, 2012.

Booker T. Gibson photograph.
Clip from oral history interview with Booker T. Gibson (SUNY Potsdam Class of 1952), interviewed by Jeanette Sanchez on November 10, 2012.

Potsdam Women's Basketball Team - 1921
These are photographs of the 1921 Potsdam Normal School basketball team. These photographs were featured in the school's 1921 yearbook, the Pioneer.

Clip from oral history interview with Lee Barry Leavelle (SUNY Potsdam Class of 1971), interviewed by Jeanette Sanchez on March 26, 2013.

Formation of the Afro-American Society and Legacy
Documents relating to the Afro-American Society at SUNY Potsdam, organized in 1969 for the purpose of promoting Black History and Culture on the SUNY Potsdam Campus.

Literary Society Room
This is a photograph of a room, thought to be on the third floor of the first Normal Building at Potsdam, that was used primarily by an academic literary society. Literary societies were an important part of academic life. They held private…

SUNY Potsdam: Path to Diversity
Documents specifically relating to the growth of diversity at SUNY Potsdam, as organized in an exhibit and curated from the SUNY Potsdam College Archives & Special Collections by Jeanette Sanchez in 2012.
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